Executive Short Certificate

the business issues

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Executive Short Certificate

Executive Short Certificate

issued by Telecom Paris

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Blend of virtual classes

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Inter-company sessions​

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Feedback interviews

"It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a training, high quality content. Thank you."
"I would like to thank the teaching team for the quality of the training materials and the richness of the courses and interviews provided by the various speakers."
Directeur Commercial
"Very satisfaying. The topics are interesting and some of the speakers communicate very well. I really appreciated the interviews with the heads of the scientific centers of Thales (Marko Erman) and Renault (Luc Julia) as well as the courses given by Thomas Huy, Stephan Clémençon and Bertrand Meyer. The interviews with the founders of start-ups are also extremely interesting."
Ingénieur produit

Training overview

The program is available in the booklet


Learning goals

1 - Gain a systemic perspective on technologies and trends ​
2- Grasp the concepts and uses of core tech and deep tech (current and future technologies)​
3 - Understand the issues and main approaches to cybersecurity​
4 - Master the concept of a "tech-minded company" and the connection between technology and business


Methods and tools​

- Asynchronous e-learning platform​
- Virtual classes: Q&A session and small-group workshop​
- Downloadable teaching material​
- Interactive quizzes​



Upon completing the training, participants will be able to:​
- Make sense of the key tech terms, beyond fads and jargon​
- Make decisions on subjects with a heavy tech component ​
- Leverage tech to develop new products and services​
- Interact comfortably with tech experts, use critical judgement and challenge them​

Comment by Ghislain Mazars​

CEO of Hfactory, speaker and educator

Ghislain Mazars

Training designed on the initiative of the Technologies & Digital Sovereignty Observatory, comprised of the following organizations:​

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